Polly Products LLC

12 North Charlotte Street
Mulliken, MI 48861

Phone: 877-609-2243
Fax: 517-649-2284

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Company Description:

Polly Products provides durable, eco-friendly alternatives to other materials that deplete our environment of valuable natural resources and contribute to landfill waste.  We aren’t a store; we are a manufacturer with a mission. “Outdoor Furnishings That Stand The Test of Time” is our contribution toward saving our planet.  Use your ‘shoptivism’ to help us with that goal.  Our non-porous, recycled plastic is naturally graffiti-resistant, so paint and ink are easily removed with a detergent wash.  And its solid color throughout and UV protected.  It won’t rust, rot, peel, dent, split or spall in weather extremes. When you think of poly furniture, think of Polly Products!

The Plaza provides easy access seating for 6, made from 2" x 10" plastic lumber, with a hexagon tabletop made of 2" x 6" planks. Comes standard with a 2" umbrella hole in the center (umbrella not included).  Fully illustrated assembly instructions are easy to follow, and we pre-assemble the tabletop for you.

You're sure to find the perfect table for your area from among the Plaza's 7 available UV protected colors.  The frame is black only.  Browse the Green-Scapes Collection for matching benches and receptacles to complete your space!

Product Information:
The Plaza Hex Picnic Table sets a standard no other hex table can match. The Plaza features our proprietary Green-Scapes designer frame which appears to be ornately detailed black cast iron but is made from solid, recycled plastic. And it will stay just as beautiful through the years, as it cannot rust and never needs to be painted or stained, and all components are UV protected.

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